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Frequently Asked Questions :

Here are the answers to some of the more common questions that I have been asked in the past.

Whats your primary style?
I tend to lean towards a relaxed, candid, contemporary style. I always have a discussion with the bride & groom about how they dream of their wedding photos looking. This ensures that I capture their vision of the day. I will generally add in a mix of other looks as I am aware that different people like different styles. Parents & grandparents will usually want some traditional group photos and I try to make these happen smoothly and quickly so that we can get to the fun bridal party and romantic bride & groom shots. Through out the day I like to capture a story line of all that goes on.

We don't want any posed pictures is that alright?
Absolutely! I have the experience of many weddings to know where and when to be at the right place at the right time to get the special, wonderful moments and details in a gentle, unobtrusive, natural way.

Do you shoot in colour or black and white?
All of your images will be available in both color and Black & White, this is the beauty of the digital world.

Do you shoot with flash or with natural light?
I do both, it really will depend on the situation and the available light. I do love natural light though!

If I have an idea for a photograph can you do it?
I'm always game to try something new, so yes, I'll do my best. The resulting image will of course depend on the setting & lighting available.

What kind of input can we have on the direction of the shots? Can we give you a shot list to work from?
Yes, you can supply a shot list which can be very helpful with the different family groupings. I work very smoothly to ensure that I am capturing all of the special details & moments of the day that you may not even think, of list or no list.

Are you the wedding photographer who will actually take our pictures?
I am the primary photographer and yes, I will be taking your wedding photos. I do bring an assistant along who is always keeping an eye out for little extra moments, candid shots. It's like having eyes in the back of my head!

What if you are ill?
I generally don't get ill but if I do I take some medicine and get on with it. Being a photographer I have many photographer friends, They will step in for me and I will do the same for them. To this day I have never missed a wedding due to illness or any other reason for that matter.

How many times have you worked specifically as a wedding photographer? How many were similar to the size and formality of our wedding?
I have been photographing weddings professionally since 2005, the sizes have ranged from small weddings with 10 people there to large weddings with 200+ people attending.

Can other guests take pictures?
Of course, if they get in the way at any point Ill just politely ask them to move.

How many other events will you also photograph that weekend?
I like to be fresh for your day and get into the spirit of your wedding, I want to be in the mindset to create the most beautiful images suited to you. I will only ever cover one wedding each weekend.

What kind of equipment will you bring with you?
I use professional digital camera equipment with several back up cameras.

When will the photos be ready?
I aim to get all of your photos ready within 4-6 weeks and you will be able to look at them & share them with family & friends in your personal online gallery.

Can we have a CD of our photos?
If it's not already included in the package then yes you can buy a CD of all the images from your day, this includes the right to print any image 'til your hearts content.

How do we book you?
It's simple, Contact me via phone or email. We can meet for a consultation if you like, or if you're too far to meet personally we can chat on the phone about your wedding details.
A deposit is required to book your date. This is refundable up to 30 days after the booking has been made.

How far ahead should we book?
Most weddings are booking their photographers 12-18 months in advance of their wedding date. I recommend you book as soon as you can to ensure that I have availability.